urban jewel

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Manhattan, New York City, surprised me. There was so much to do – Broadway, bright lights, billboards. But the greatest surprise was the urban gem that is Central Park: an underrated respite from the sheer hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

On my last day in New York City, a crisp winter’s day, I sat on a park bench in Central Park by myself and watched ducks feeding and wading in a Pond not quite frozen over.

The heterogeneity of the urban environment (and of my experiences) intrigued me.


snow prints

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My first snow…

Snow-covered landscapes are one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in all my life (not that it excuses the cold though.)

It made me think about many things. (Assuming there’s a God,) Did God create beauty, or did God just give us the capability to see and appreciate beauty…in things that would otherwise be completely ordinary?

I’m just beginning to appreciate the unique kind of frigid beauty that only a frozen world has.